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Magic shows reveal a different view of the world. It expresses new ideas, challenges our imaginations, and forces us to look inwards. There is no magic without the simple props and items that brings all the colour and make it possible to achieve something unbelievable. Let’s face it Magic Tricks can be done with anything, it is learning and growing within the art of magic that is important.

The South African Magic Shop is a business dedicated to providing quality and unique service in the sales of magic tricks and props.

The shop is located at the World Famous College of Magic, and we are proud of our over 30 years of history offering quality service to  South African magic lovers.

The Largest Magic and Playing Card Shop in South Africa

Shopping for quality magic tricks and props can be challenging. We offer our customers an online store that is well designed and arranged, displaying over 1,000 products. We confidently compete with international suppliers to deliver the best products to our customers, delivered fast, no matter the kind of magic trick you are looking for.

We stock high-quality items a full range of magic tricks, playing cards, books, DVD’S, juggling, fire magic, card magic, coin magic and so much more. The store is run by professionals who live and breathe magic.

Why You Should Buy from Us?

Customers prefer us to the competition because we store the highest grade products that are delivered in a few short days. Shopping with us is easy and we offer you the benefit of phoning, emailing, messaging or visiting our shop, we will sort out your queries immediately! Once you place your order we will email you the waybill tracking number and you can follow the delivery progress with our preferred courier Dawn Wing.

Once you get into our online or offline store, there is no turning back. There is also no need to look elsewhere because we have everything you need right here and the long term partnership we have with the largest wholesaler of magic in the world, we can get almost any magic available . The magic shop is a place to get all you want to achieve in your magic, no matter how extensive and elaborate your imagination.

Please browse the Murphy’s section of our website. You will find over 10 000 products that we bring in every week! If you have any queries regarding the Murphys section please mail us or give us a call.

Our Unique Offering and Service

We make it easy to find and purchase magic props at the speed of light. All you need to get any product is to call us or send us a mail. We respond very swiftly and deliver items right to your doorstep. If you prefer to visit our brick and mortar store, we will be ready to host you and expose you to the best thrills of your life. Our shop is easy to access, and we promise to welcome and entertain you, making every moment of your visit an unforgettable experience.

The pricing on our products includes international shipping and custom clearance. We order weekly from our wholesalers and products not in stock will take 7 to 10 days to arrive. If you can’t find a product, you’re looking for in our store; we are more than ready to take the challenge and help you source it from the most reliable suppliers.

 Magic Product Categories

Products are arranged in categories, like close up magic, downloads, magic cards, stage magic, best sellers, student magic, and new to magic categories. Each product has a description of its use and details, to give the buyers an insight into what they want to buy.

The South African magic store is second to no other when it comes to offering genuine magic tricks and props. You can shop online or visit our store, we are always happy to see you and help you get exactly what you want.

We do appreciate your feedback and will constantly strive to improve – look forward to hearing from you!