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Poker size playing cards

In our playing cards South Africa range the majority are standard poker size. This is the most popular size around but we do stock Jumbo size as well as amazing magic decks such as: The Invisible Deck, The Brainwave Deck, The Mental Photography Deck, The Stripper Deck and many more.

You can have a look at our post “playing cards are amazing” on the history and interesting card facts.


These cards that come directly from Murphys were designed by Jason Brumbalow & Illustrated by Abraham Garcia. A lot has been made of their hommage to street artists who appear at night and create their images.

It is the first all black deck that Murphys has produced. Designed and manufacture in the USA, they have a wonderful silky finish, that is referred to as “slipstream finish” and fan beautifully.

Black deck (such as Shadowmasters) are very big sellers at the shop, it is always nice to have one in your collection.

For magicians, Murphys has given some very nice gaffe cards (including one card with a white face).

The tuck box is stylish and well made and the Jokers are Rad, I love them.

cards  CardsDarkfall2 CardDarkfall3

White Artisan

Illustrated by South African Simon Frouws !!

Following hot on the heels of the hugely successful Artisan deck the White Edition is proving just as popular !

These are simply lovely to look at. They feel very smooth and, like all Theory11 decks, the whole package just oozes class.

CardsWhiteArtisan               CardsWhiteartisans2                cardsWhiteArtisan4

Bicycle Silver Steampunk

As with White Artisan, Silver Steampunk comes in the wake of the successful older sibling.

This time the gears are not bronze but gleaming silver and a lot of gears there are.

These great cards were constructed and designed with 12 million 3D polygons (I have no idea boet)!

Theory11 and USPCC quality again showing through. A must have deck!


CardsSilversteamp1      CardsSilversteamp2     cardssilversteamp3


A firm favourite of mine. I don’t know what it is, but they just feel nice in your hands. They are a dream to flourish and smooth for any sleight of hand.

Designed by Joe White in the UK. Contraband themes itself around secret societies and the lovely intricate back design is full of little hidden gems.

The box is a thing of beauty and I advise you leave it lying in full public view. No wonder they are one of our best sellers!!

cardsContraband1       cardscontraband3

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