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The Incredible Invisible deck

The Rolls royce of trick decks


Invisible Deck – A Rolls Royce

The invisible deck is a piece of magic that you should always have in your pocket as an amazing out if anything ever goes wrong with a selected card in another trick. It is on it’s own a great piece of magic you can perform at the drop of a hat.

The best invisible deck the the Bicycle playing card version, they can easily be switched in and out with normal (un-gaffed) Bicycle playing cards. Get a deck Now !



  • having an invisible deck of cards become visible and proving it by also having the freely selected invisible card instantly become visible as well
  • having a spectator call a friend who eerily names the one card you have turned over in the deck prior to the call

Or, many, many other uses.

Includes thorough, illustrated instructions by World Champion Magician – DARYL giving you all the details! We do highly recommend that you get the Invisible deck instruction download by Daryl, here he gives more in-depth teaching and you can be assured that you will be set to go and astound people. Click on the link to see a video promo.

A bit of background

The history of the deck has been debated but it has been around since the late 1920’s (early 1930’s) when Dai Vernon tinkered with the Brainwave. Joe Berg released the Ultra Mental Deck in the late 1930’s (the Ultra Mental deck had the same finish as the current Invisible Deck). Eddie Fields created the routine that is now the standard presentation. He did this during the Second World war while visiting a friend in hospital who was pretending to be mentally unstable. There has been some confusion around the Eddie Fields claim as the deck appeared in a movie in 1934 and had many of the gags that have been attributed to Field. You can read more with the links below, but the jury is out.

So, simply put, the Invisible Deck is a must have and when performed well it is an outstanding piece of magic.

Trick decks in the same league – they are all Bicycle back playing cards

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