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Nice fight of Playing Cards -Black Ghost vs Shadow Masters


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Both of these decks are insanely popular and we do not need to delve into the reasons why.

Simply put – they are awesome – both of them.

Black Ghost




Black Ghost

Black and white only, this describes the tuck box. Very dark and classy looking. The front of the box has Bicycle printed at the top, BLACK GHOST printed at the bottom and the lovely  Spade design in the middle. The classic Rider Back design is on the rear of the box, again in black and white and very chic looking.

On the side of the box it states “Performance Coating and Made in the U.S.A

Look and Feel:

The deck fans smoothly and does hold it’s finish for a long time (this is dependent on you keeping clean hands and not dropping the deck). It Faro’s like a dream. It is up there in terms of quality with decks that cost a lot more.

These cards look like a photo negative of the normal Bicycle deck of playing cards. With a black background and white lines to show the details of the cards, Red, for the suits, is the only splash of colour.

All the cards have, ghostly luminescence to them that will make every fan you hold or spread you make look and feel different.

The original Black Ghost deck did not enter the market except by private sale.

It was used by Ellusionist for only for special promotions and given as a gift to top magicians and business partners

The first edition decks easily commanded up to $400 on eBay.

These 2nd editions are a must have for anyone who loves playing cards that look different and are a joy to play with.


Shadow Master

Bicycle_Shadow_Master_Deck Bicycle_Shadow_Master

The Shadow Master playing cards are part of the Bicycle Master Series.

The front of the tuck box has Bicycle at the top, SHADOW MASTERS at the bottom  In the center is the amazingly designed Spade,with a American Eagle in the center. This is all on a black background.The art work has a shadow effect. The back of the box has Rider Back design,in a tint on the deep black background.  One side of the box has Air Cushion Finish .Made in U.S.A. on it and the other side has The United States Playing Card CO.

Look and Feel:

Wow these cards feel so very different, superior, when compared to a lot of other cards.

Fanning is spot on and looks so lovely with all that black showing. They Faro like a dream.

The Joker and the Ace of Spades are deep, a lot of thought went into the design of these cards. There is so much you can do with this deck, it is creative!  The individual Jokers and the double backer card – reveals and more.

High quality performance finish. Printed on USPCC best stock and it shows in the finished product. Just holding this deck,  doing push off double lifts for hours on end, is enjoyment at the highest level.

I give this battle, on points to Shadow Master, but phew what a close battle it was!!!