The Magic Shop South Africa

The Magic Shop which has been around for ages is now fully geared up to to serve the “modern” client.

The team

We have a small team at the Magic Shop. Kyle and Liam handle all the day to day running of the shop. David who runs the College of Magic together with Michael do behind the scenes operations (operating the lights and curtains). The Shop is very fortunate to be based at the College as we are surrounded by many very talented magicians. The advise and guidance given is priceless.

We pride ourselves in getting products to you very quickly and it takes one or two days for in stock products. We order on a regular basis from Murphys in Sacremento. Every second Friday or every Friday if required. Our order is placed on a Friday afternoon at 4pm and we receive the products in the shop on a Monday or Tuesday unless customs getting confused about some of the tricky things we bring in.

The website has all products broken down into easily navigable categories.

The majority of our products come from Murphys, but we also source from South Africa, Europe and China (we check and vet the quality before adding to our range).

NASA at The Magic Shop

A genuine space traveller paid us a visit !!

The Magic Shop Cape Town

Joshua Jay pays us a visit

The Magic Shop Cape Town

We have an original At The Table (kept in the safe)

The price you see on the site includes international shipping and duties (this is normally 25% and 20% respectively on top of the actual product cost). We then charge a flat courier rate irrespective of size and weight to deliver directly to your door.

We keep up to date with all the new releases

We do carry a large stock holding of items that are popular and we get in new and interesting products on an ongoing basis.

For immediate Magic go to our sister site MagicGrand where you can get immediate tutorial downloads to any device

The shop is open 6 days a week and online 24 hours a day.

Mail us if you have any queries, suggestions or complaints and we will reply quickly. Quicker then Bolt and Lightning !

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The Team

“We’ve Got Magic”