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Starting in magic can be a daunting task. There are many different areas within the broad term magic. From sleight of hand to mentalism and close-up magic to children’s shows. At The Magic Shop we would like to help you on your journey, if you are a youngster wanting to learn magic basics or if you are an executive who wants to impress in the boardroom.

You can start learning immediately with our great Downloads. Browse through all the videos and learn from the best magicians teaching the correct methods. You can browse the Shop online and order props we delivery throughout South Africa

We are always available to answer any queries and offer advice. We are based in the world famous College of Magic and therefore are not short of expert magicians in all the different areas of magic. I would recommend that you have a look at the College website and see what they offer.

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To get a general overview when starting, I would suggest that you purchase Magic The Complete Course by Joshua Jay. This will give you a good grounding in all the elements of magic. I do think that getting the Complete Magician Kit which includes the above book, DVD and a few well made props, will get you on the way to performing in no time.

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Here are some other books that concentrate chosen fields. These are classics and every decent magician has a copy. They are fairly advanced book, but if you want to learn magic at an in-depth level they are essential.

  • Cards – The Royal Road to Card Magic
  • Coins – Bobo Modern Coin Magic
  • Mentalism – 13 Steps to Mentalism

Browse around our site, have a look at some of the video promotions and you will start to get a feel about what sphere of magic you would like to concentrate on. There are some great courses that you can do and will ensure that you can start amazing people with incredible magic in no time.

The first rule of Magic


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This is a simple one but must be adhered to. Practice and practice again, make sure you can perform the effect flawlessly before you unleash your magic on the public. A badly performed trick is not acceptable, you do not want your audience to feel embarrassed for you. It is simple and must be adhered to PRACTICE it is the only way to learn magic.

Once you feel confident, try performing on a friend or relative, they can comment on elements that you do not initially see yourself. The College of Magic is a great source of information and we encourage you to visit their website.

For some great product ideas go to New to Magic and have a look. We have 1000’s of products so this is just a sampling of tricks and props that will get you going quickly.

Learn magic tricks

We magicians, are “keepers of secrets” so do not reveal the method. Do not give the name of the trick you are performing (people will Google/Bing it) and remember if your sleight of hand is good, you will keep on fooling people, even magicians!

Magic is confidence building, gets your brain in shape and it is one of the most beneficial things a person can learn and make use of, their entire life!

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