The best gifts for men!

Do you want to give something unique as a gift?

These are the best gifts for men. Original, unique and high quality. We deliver to your front door anywhere in South Africa in a few short days.

Flaming Wallet

A fully functional wallet that can burst into flames whenever he wants it to. The flames can be easily and effortlessly extinguished !

Now when he needs to show people that he is hot or that his credit is flaming hot, all he has to do is reach in his back pocket. Get one now!

Flaming Fire wallet magic gift for him

Another great unique gift for him STEAMPUNK playing cards

Gift for Him Bicycle Steampunk Playing Cards

Bicycle Steampunk playing cards are an amazing gift for him. Very funky and out there, the shiny gears are amazing and these cards were designed and made using 12 million 3d Polygons. This is a very unique gift for him and for only R165 ! Get one now

This is the Coolest gift for him – REVOLUTION

gift for him greg wilson revolution

Revolution is a unique secret gimmick that means with a little practice he can spin a deck of cards on one finger. The ultimate show of skill that only a few people can do. Now with Revolution, this skill can be done by anyone. Nobody will know how it is done. He will be the Coolest in the Room with this secret.Revolution comes in an amazing presentation box. See it now

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