invisible thread or loops

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Why Shop at The South African Magic Shop? For Super Quick Delivery on Playing Cards & Magic Tricks!!  Magic shows reveal a different view of the world. It expresses new ideas, challenges our imaginations, and forces us to look…

Balloons - Qualatex delivered Fast

 We have Qualatex 260q Carnival and Traditional  modelling balloons at R135 for a bag of 100. We deliver anywhere is South Africa overnight or max three days in major centres. Courier cost is R85 or you can visit the shop and collect.To…
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Playing Cards Deck Battle Shadow Masters vs Black Ghost

  Nice fight of Playing Cards -Black Ghost vs Shadow MastersBuy the decks NowBoth of these decks are insanely popular and we do not need to delve into the reasons why.Simply put - they are awesome - both of them.Black…
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A selection of our Playing Cards South Africa We have a large range of playing cards in stock and you can browse and have a look around in the Shop - In Stock In SA We deliver courier to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban overnight or 2 days…
invisible thread or loops

Invisible Threads or Loops the clear choice is not visible

Invisible Thread or LoopsUsing Invisible Thread or Loops can be an extremely rewarding experience. A lot has been written and filmed and the effects possible are numerous. There is an inherent problem with Invisible Thread and that is…