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Playing Cards Deck Battle Shadow Masters vs Black Ghost

  Nice fight of Playing Cards -Black Ghost vs Shadow Masters Buy the decks Now Both of these decks are insanely popular and we do not need to delve into the reasons why. Simply put – they are awesome – both of them. Black Ghost   Black Ghost Black and white only, this describes the […]

Playing Cards South Africa

A selection of our Playing Cards South Africa We have a large range of playing cards in stock and you can browse and have a look around in the Shop – In Stock In SA We deliver courier to Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban overnight or 2 days and the rest of South Africa in 2 […]


Invisible Threads or Loops the clear choice is not visible

Invisible Thread or Loops Using Invisible Thread or Loops can be an extremely rewarding experience. A lot has been written and filmed and the effects possible are numerous. There is an inherent problem with Invisible Thread and that is that many people are aware of it’s existence and, to some degree, know how using it […]

Learn Magic with The Complete Magician Kit

The Complete Magician Kit The Top kit to learn Magic If you want to learn Magic and want the BEST quality kit to get started on your journey then this is the ultimate. This awesome kit for R895  What you get in the kit is all quality: The highly acclaimed book and DVD “Magic the […]

The Incredible Invisible Deck

The Incredible Invisible deck The Rolls royce of trick decks The invisible deck is a piece of magic that you should always have in your pocket as an amazing out if anything ever goes wrong with a selected card in another trick. It is on it’s own a great piece of magic you can perform […]