The best way to learn magic is from the experts

At The Table Experience is one on one sessions with the best names out there. They go through various effects that they have mastered and explain in detail how to do it and give great tips and insight.

It is in the form of a Q&A session and often filmed in front of an audience of magicians. If you want to get the thought that is put behind performing powerful magic then we highly recommend that you have a look. It is fresh and new and it is was the guys are performing Now.

Your options

  • Download any single video on our site – stream save to computer and leave in your own library
  • Purchase a single Experience before it is filmed and you can watch live or download at any time you choose
  • Another resource to look at is Magic Grand
  • You can buy a subscription for previous months at R149 for the two downloads
  • Want to find your favourite artist, just search “their name and download”
  • If you want more information about monthly or single subscriptions please go ahead and drop as a mail


Here are some of the things being said:

“Load of great routines, stories, tips and advice to improve your magic. You can’t go wrong” – James Conti

“Murphys Magic has the production of these videos down to a science. The production looks great, the lighting and sound are excellent and the price is right” – Joel Turner – Genii magazine

“This review can not and does not address everything in this fantastic lecture…You will thoroughly enjoy this download, and no doubt watch it multiple times” – Stuart Philip My-LovelyAssistant

Online library

Your downloads can be streamed and/or downloaded to your computer. You will have an online library on our site that you can access at any time.

These are honestly the best and diverse magic vids out there !

  • Learn Magic At The Table